ca del bric - vini piemontesi - vigna

“It happened to find the Bric about twenty years ago. It might have been 1990. It was the house where great grandmother Nina, her five sisters and uncle Cechin, father of our cousin Gianni, were born.
One day, by sheer coincidence, I went to visit this ruined farm with my husband and my son Giuseppe: it wasn’t just the usual abandoned estate surrounded by vineyards, like you see many times in our countryside. I immediately sensed there was something more to it.
It was the sun lighting everything up.
It was the lines after lines of hills and slopes of neatly cultivated land, for as far as the eye could see like waves in the sea.
It was as if time that had stopped.”


ca del bric - vini piemontesi - erika e beppe

In 2000 Giuseppe and Erika decided to remodel the ancient 18th century country house, bring the vineyards back to life and begin their new adventure together.

We still do not know whether we chose this place or whether it chose us. Yet, we do know that all of our efforts, passions and dreams are here.

In the local dialect “Cà del Bric” means “house on the top of the hill”.