Ca del Bric - vini piemontesi - vigne

In the very heart of Piedmont, on a land that is rich in history and tradition, lie the hills of Monferrato.

It’s a unique region for its culture, art, gastronomy and enology.
Since the times of the ancient Romans, roads, aqueducts and theatres were built here and vineyards were planted.

As the centuries went by, men continued to inhabit this territory taking the best it had to offer and defending it by building castles and fortresses in every strategic point. The remnants of these fascinating ages have crossed time, being unaltered to the present day, waiting to be visited and admired.

Much in the same way, the delicacies of Monferrato’s wine and food await to be fully relished, capable as they are of delighting anyone with their diversity and finesse.

Ca del Bric - vini biologici del piemonte senza solfiti

A place like this lends itself perfectly to people who, like us, strive to make the land a protagonist, while passionately living on and cherishing the treasures it generously offers.

Monferrato is an uncontaminated and pure land: uncompromising as only land can be – imposing rules older than we are and munificent when the time comes to reward those who love and take good care of it.